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CHROs spot advantages of executive coaching

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

2013 CHROs judged that #coaching of their #executives has, on a scale of 100 points, a relevance of 26 %. Today, the relevance of executive coaching scores at almost 50 % among those CHROs. Most of them want to improve the leadership skills of their executives. While demand raises, offers go up, too. The almost absurd lack of transparency in this market leads to all sorts of "executive coaches" and thus for personal reference as final criteria for picking an executive coach.

However, a focused track record in the Human Resources arena, long experience on an executive level preferably on an international basis, broad insights into various industries and a prestigious degree in executive coaching might be more objective and reliable selection requirements to find your future executive coach.

Executive Coach Ralph Spangenberg: "Executive coaches support your career battles."
Executive coaches are a must for high performer in sports.

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