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Exceptional performance is all about mental skills and working attitude

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

In all sport, physical training can only take you so far. The difference between a ‘good’ #performance and a ‘great’ one is not about physical training and conditioning, it’s all about your mental skills and how you work with your #executive coach and team members.

Executive Coach Ralph Spangenberg: iIt’s all about your mental skills and how you work with your executive coach and team members.

My recommendation as executive coach:

Same principle works at work: To find outstanding performers, my recommendation as executive coach is to watch out for these skills and work attitudes:

1. Setting higher goals and standards. The best individual performers push themselves to higher levels of performance and stretch goals beyond what others think is possible to accomplish.

2. Working together. Instead of working alone to be noticed, the best performers achieve their objectives by working with others.

3. Taking initiative. Great performers don’t wait to be asked, they are quick to offer their perspective and a helping hand.

4. Sound decision making. The best performers are trusted to use good judgment when making decisions.

5. Resilience. No one is perfect, but a great performer learns from his or her mistakes and moves on.

And mostly important for the leaders and executives among us: We all want to fill our organizations with great performers. While it is up to individuals to decide how they want to perform, we need to encourage them and sometimes step out of the way so they can be great.

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